Which Youtube Channel Should You be Watching?

Which Youtube Channel Should You be Watching?

Nowadays, there's much more to watch than just what's on the television. With millions of Youtube channels it can be hard to decide which one to watch. And just like you each channel contains unique traits that make them interesting. Take this quiz to determine which Youtube channels you should be viewing based off of your personality and go check them out!

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What kind of person can you not stand?

Anyone who listens to country
Newbs, nN00bs, and especially noobies
Boring people
Superstitious People
Ugly people

You see a hot person at a party, how do you get them to go out with you?

Try to impress them with my beer pong skills
Ask them what musicians they like, if we don't like the same music we don't need to go out
Talk to them about science, impress them with my varied knowledge
Use a cheesy pick up line and try to get them to laugh
Impress them with my looks, make them come to me

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Best guitar player ever
Ability to predict the future

What do you use your phone for most?

Listen to music
Playing games
Looking things up, and fact checking
Calling my friends

In my free time I am usually ______?

Watching stand up comedians or cartoons
Playing video games
Reading a book
Practicing with my rock band
Shopping with my friends

I can't leave home with out ______?

My head phones and ipod
My sense of humor
My calculator
My nintendo ds or psp
My lip gloss

Which of these animals would you want as a pet?

Tiger, it would look great in my rock video
Dragon, so I could rule over my enemies
Penguin, those things are hilarious
Monkey, because they are so smart
Pony, I would love to braid its hair

From the following list, which movie is your favorite?

Sound of Music
White Chicks
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Mean Girls
Good Will Hunting

If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?

A new media center and gaming sytem
Create a scholarship for rising students
I would take my friends on a awesome vacation
Go shopping
I would hire Lady Gaga to perform at my next party

When you're driving and someone cuts you off, how are you likely to react?

I am usually the one cutting people off
Turn up the jams and dance it off
Just laugh it off and keep driving
Flip them off, let them see your perfectly manicured midlle finger
Try to have them pull over so I can tell them how unsafe it is to drive like that