Are you a Yandere? (1)

Are you a Yandere? (1)

Take this test to see if you are a Yandere or not! (Ignore this sentence)

published on April 27, 201675 responses 14 5.0★ / 5

Are you obsessive?

Sort of

Do you like blood?

Eh, not bothered by it
No ew!

How would you describe yourself?

Sweet and kind
A bit crazy but kind
Insane/Unstable and quiet

Someone is very close with your crush/lover, but they're only friends. How do you react?

Ugh they're getting on my nerves..I wish they would just go away..but if they're just friends I guess it's okay.
They'll regret ever making eye contact with my crush/lover...
I'll keep my eye on them..
It's fine, I'm not worried.
If they try anything...they'll feel pain...
They're only friends, it's okay

Someone kisses your crush/lover!

AHSHFHSUVHWIVJSHCHSH *goes batsh*t crazy*
W-why...why why why
*takes out weapon* F*cking die
I love them! They're meant for me only *raging* that's it....*takes out weapon*
W-what...?! *upset but angry*

Would you care if your crush/lover saw you kill someone?

Yes..I don't want them to be scared of me'm not sure.
No because I won't kill anyone..?

If you had to, would you kill your crush/lover?

Yes, only if it means that I will be with them forever.
It depends. If he's dead then nobody else can have him..but I won't be able to either, but I wouldn't really ever think of killing myself...
No! Never.

Okay final question. Are you male or female?
(I'm curious to see)