Does She Like You? (1)

This is for the guys! I'll make a quiz for girls in a little while! Anyway, want to see if your crush likes you back? Find out! Im a girl, so this is most likely accurate!

published on August 06, 201586 responses 9 4.0★ / 5

Ok. So does she ever look at you?

Yeah! Almost all the time!
Don't think so!

Is she nervous around you?

I don't know!

Does she look at you when you speak?

She looks at everything but me. Sometimes
quick glances.
Sometimes. Sometimes she doesn't care.

Have you guys hugged, kissed, etc.?

We've hugged, does that count?
No way...

Some people like to avoid their crush, does she?

Yeah! Now I know what's up with her!
I don't know... don't pay attention.
No. She always by my side/ she's not afraid
of going up to me.

Some are straight forward, is she?

It was the avoiding in last question.
She just doesn't care.

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She loves you!
I. have. no. freaking. Clue.
Heck no!