If Your Life Was a Cliche High School Movie, Who Would You Be?

If Your Life Was a Cliche High School Movie, Who Would You Be?

This is the Girls' Edition! Guys' Edition coming soon! You could be the nerd, mean girl, cheerleader, the heart throb, or the rebel/slacker! Find out by taking this brief quiz!

published on April 19, 201553 responses 20
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What do you love most about school?

Classes! I can always learn so many interesting things!
The people! There's so many people with amazing personalities that I want to get
I love that fear I inspire in others as I prowl the halls. I'm the queen of this jungle!
The boys! There's so many to look at!

So it turns out that Regina's hot ex really likes you. And you might like him back, but don't want to break Girl Code. What do you do?

Regina can back off! It's not my fault they're broken up!
The last thing I want is Regina on my back.
School is about a lot more than some petty boy drama. I'd rather hang with my
I'll talk to Regina first. And if she thinks it's a bad idea then I'll just have to respect

What is love?

baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more
an intense feeling of deep affection.
Love is the greatest thing ever! I can't wait to find that special someone! EEK!
Love is a waste of time. We're all gonna die anyway.

What's your favorite music genre?

Punk rock
emo rock
hip hop/r&b
Are love songs a genre?
heavy metal

Are you an extrovert or an introvert (outgoing or shy)?

neither. I'm not well-known, but I'm not a total loser. ya feel me?
introvert. Give me my solitude!
Extrovert. I'm always with my friends. If I'm not, you'd better run; the end is near.