Are you Crazy? (7)

Are you Crazy? (7)

This is a quiz on if your crazy or not, also what level your craziness is on. Enjoy!!

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Would kill for someone you love?

Heck No!! That's crazy!
Maybe idk...

Would you die for someone you loved?

Again no!!
Again maybe idk..
Of course!

Choose one:

Die from being shot in the head.
Die from being stabbed.
Die from suicide.

Choose one:

Expensive Healthy Food

Choose One:

REd ( Blood)

Would you ever turn full yandere on a crush?

Of course!
Your the crazy one here!!

A scenario if i may

Your crush told you that he was going to confess his love to somebody that day. Because you thought it was you the next day you dressed up and everything for the special moment. After school, your crush asked you to follow him cause he wanted to have his friend their when he confessed. When you follow him you saw one of your biggest rival yet waiting... Your crush then asked her ( your rival) if she wanted to be his girlfriend. She said yes.( Duh!) The next day during lunch time you saw them being all kissy kissy lovey lovey. What do you do?

I wait till after school where i kidnap her, tranquilize her, tie her to a chair and the break her mind.
I would just cry about for days. :(
Well since a simple murder is not enough, i would make her follow me somewhere that has one of those large fans and when
she's off guard, i push her into the fan. After that i lick the blood off my hands. MhahahahahHahahHahahHaha, i'm not crazy

Your crush found out that you killed his Girlfriend. How do you react?

Hold up!! i didn't kill anyone in the first place.
I would say---> " well, well, dear i see you found out, now the same thing i did to her i will do to you' haHaHAhahahA
I would say-----> " Senpai, i killed her indeed and now so you must die. Cause if i can't have you nobody can have you!!"

DO you think your crazy?

Hell no!! Your the crazy one here i just took this quiz for fun Duh!1
Maybe i am maybe i'm not.
Yeah i know i am!! hehehe