Would Falcon Like You?

Would Falcon Like You?

Answer a few questions and find out if Falcon would like you. There are 4 endings. What will your be?

published on December 19, 201513 responses 1 4.5★ / 5

Falcon is a female fighter who is said to kill her victims in a heartbeat, when given the chance.. Are you scared?

Hell no.
Not really.

Falcon approaches you.. You:

Watch her walk over with no fear..
Start shaking as you watch her come closer..
Start crying..
Watch as she comes closer..

Falcon has come 3 feet away from you and has started a conversation;
Falcon: "Hello.."

You reply: "Uhm, hi?"
You reply: "Hello."
You reply: "Uh.. H-Hi.."
You burst into an endless cry.

Falcon looks at you weird, due to you're reaction. She is surprised.. So she asks:
Falcon: "Why are you here?"

You stutter: "W-Well.. I guess.. I k-kinda wanted to meet.. Y-you.."
You Reply: "I dunno really. I guess I wanted to meet you?"
Still crying, you say: "I wan-nted to meet y-you.."
You say boldly: "I wanted to kill you."

Falcon is getting frustrated with your answers. She throws a hit at you, and you:

Curl into a ball and get a long slash to your back.
Try and dodge her hit, but you'd end up getting a slash to the face.
Stand frozen stiff and get hit by Falcon on the neck. You'd go flying and hit the wall.
Quickly run below her hand as it swings for you. You'd crawl onto Falcon and bit her arm. Falcon would pick you off of
herself and fling you to the other side of the room.

You quickly emerge and check your wounds and stand in front of Falcon. Falcon is surprised by your actions.
What do you think Falcon will do next?

She will probably kill me..
She will probably knock me down and steal my stuff..
I think she'll ask me to stay..
I think she'll ask me to go..