Which Godzilla Kaiju Describes You?

Which Godzilla Kaiju Describes You?

This quiz will help explain what monster in the Godzilla universe relates to you most.

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Would you describe yourself as intelligent?

Yes, I know just about anything.
No, I am not really that smart.
Yeah, when it comes to blowing things up.
I am not super smart, but I know how to handle myself.
That depends, I am smart at some things and not on others.
I know all about the secrets that people just love to keep.

Which of these is your style?

I like to help people.
I am all for protecting the environment.
I don't really know what to say.
I love to go around bugging people.
I am not the one you want to mess with.
I am more of a wimp, I still try my best at what I do.

Would you be one tough guy as a monster

Yes, I would be invincible.
I would be more of a show off.
I would be to some extent tough.
I wouldn't need to be tough when I have guns and lasers on my side.
No, I would be very weak for most Kaiju.
Tough enough so I could handle most monsters and people.

On a one to 10 scale, how nice are you?


What is your fighting style?

Atomic Breath
Electric bolts
A very strong body

What animals have you always loved most.

Fuzzy, cute mammals
I hate animals, too filthy
I loved more nightmarish creatures that you could just thing up of in your head.

You would want a city to...

Die, it does not mean anything.
Be destroyed so it could pay for its sins.
Be fed off of, it's energy is needed for my survival.
Prosper, it is the symbol of our dominance as humans.
Be left alone, unless I feel like running through it. Then what is in my way gets trashed.
Grow, unless it has become too corrupt. Then it must be taught a lesson.

If you were losing a battle, you would...

Flee, so I can fight another day.
Make a big comeback, and hard,too. I would kill my foe in one big explosion.
Fight it out to the bitter end.
Accept defeat.
Let fate decide what happens next.
Let myself fall, but wait for a repair team. Then I will come back invincible.

If you had to sacrifice something you love for a close friend, would you do it?

No, I love my friends more than my possessions.
No, I would never waste valuable teamwork.
It depends on how much I like this friend.
I would beat my friend up and call it a day.
No, I can't trust any friend more than my possessions.
I really would not know what to do.

If you were a Kaiju and your opponent got a huge comeback, what would you do?

I would retreat, I really don't want to die.
I would sit and watch as my opponent annihilates me.
I would use my own body cells to block the strongest if attacks.
I would fight untilI get weary, then run.
I would call in another repair team to fix me up.
I would make my own comeback and blow them out if the ring.