Which Bendy and the Ink Machine character are you? (1)

Which Bendy and the Ink Machine character are you? (1)

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published on May 28, 201741 responses 4 5.0★ / 5

What would you do when someone gets hurt?

I'd leave them alone... they are
the ones that laughed at me
before... its MY turn to laugh at
I'd make sure that they are ok
(And also make sure they've
watched sheep songs)
I'd help them up and take them to somewhere where they can heal.

What will you do if the place starts flooding with ink?

I'd stay where I am... I caused it after all!
How am I suppost to run? Be the walking dead?

What would you spend your time doing?

I'd make evil plans on how to kill Henry. MUAHAHAHAAA!
Be dead.
I'd make sure that BENDY isn't lurking around... I DON'T want to be lamely jumpscared again.

What character/s would you like other than Bendy and the Ink Machine characters?

Mickey Mouse
(Fairy Odd Parents)
(Adventure Time)

What is your favorite Bendy and rhe Ink Machine song?

Build our Machine.
I dont have one.
Can't be Erased.

What would you do in Chapter 3? (Its May so Chapter 3 isnt out yet.)

I'd be myself. Made form the ink machine and trying to kill Henry (coz I already killed Joey).
I'd help Henry through the chapter (if I do).
Id be the character that you play as... BORING!

What is your favourite part of Chapter 1?

The place FLOODING with INK!
Henry's reaction to Boris DEAD.
Entering the Pentogram room.

What was your favourite part of chapter 2?

Being chased by Bendy.
Seeing boris ALIVE!
Playing the banjo.

What was your reaction to the updated Bendy jumpscare?

I didn't care.

What character do you WISH to be?