are you ready for the hunger games?

i've been taking test after test to see f i would make it but the questions didn't match up! so i'm making the perfect would you survive the hunger games

published on April 05, 201523 responses 3

The games start and you run as fast as you can where do you head?

the woods
i would run for my special weapon of choice
run and grab what i can reach
run and stay long enough to get what i need

you are wounded and getting dissy you hear three careers coming and all you have is a dagger as big as a 5 year old hand what do you do.

stay and kill the first one who comes near me
run quietly
stay where you are and wait for them to leave

a 16 year old girl from district one ask to be allies but you have seen her with an untruest worthy career you....

say yes
say yes but kill her when she is sleeping and look through stuff
say no

your up in a tree when you see another person in the same tree who can't c u. you....

push them
run down
stay put and hope they don't see you

you find a weapon on a rock by a bay you soon see the owner getting a drink by the river. you......

use something i can through to kill her and take her stuff
just take her stuff
leave it

the owner sees you before you can leave. you.....

take her stuff and run
kill her with one of the weapons

you've almost won but there is one more player and you find her sleeping but it doesn't feel right....

just kill her
wait look for traps
hurry leave!

your face to face each have your bow and arrow ready.

shoot her
duck! then roll and shoot!

you win! but you have to come back to the games you react by...

yelling at anyone you can find
just forget about it
just focus on the games

you have a sword against your neck and only a rock in your hand. you....

hit her in the head with the rock and grab the knife and stab him
struggle and wait
close eyes and kicks her and kills her with rock

think about trees what do you see

a way out of sight
people climbing

to avid getting stuck in trees you do your hair like......

i have short hair
pony tale
long and down
long and bun
short and braid

you see a cat dog bird and bear frozen you realize you have to pick one to fight you choose.....


during training do you make allies?

just one you know you can trust
yes atone

you find a rock with numbers on them you....

type some numbers
just click one
through it and run

you are given the score of 11 and everyone wants to be your allie you.....

say yes to all!!
say yes to just one
say no

your tired but you hear careers you...

climb a tree and go to sleep
just sleep where you are

you see someone point an arrow at you but they don't shoot you look behind you to see a girl with a knife the man shoots her and comes ear you asking to be allies you.......

say yes
say no
think about and say yes but always sleep with a weapon

you win! but wheres the cannon for the dead tribute you realize she is still alive and crying talking about her little sister waiting for her. you....

pretend to kill yourself so you can both live
kill her
kill yourself

theres a cat hissing at you but if you make a noise the cat will attack you....

attack it!
stay still
move then duck stabbing it while it flys

you are told to run you...

um run?
see whats happening

a guy kisses you and says it's for the cameras but there are none around you.......

kiss him back hes kinda cute
attack him