what type of animal are you? (4)

what type of animal are you? (4)

this personality quiz will tell you which animal your closest to.... or your just a human...and you need to learn more about yourself....if there is no question with (none of the above) then just let your heart mind and soul decide for you... :D

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were do you like to have 'yourself' time?

i like to go hiking...getting my mind off the stress.
i like to go grab some coco..OH or coffee...OH no wait or OR tea!!
i like to hang out with my peeps..alone time is for people with stress....i have none
anything athletic like to gym, gymnastics, anything like, where you have to have energy
i like to go to the library...or grab my favourite book and read it in the wilderness
I do not know...i am usually in mixed places

what is your type of 'style'?

what is your type of 'style'?
dresses..it maks me feel free..to do whatever you want
well..anything really..i do not just have one style.. :/
anything athletic!! :D
hoodies..all into the hoodies....NO sparkles..i HATE sparkles
anything with sparkles,paw prints tiger prints, zebra prints, WELL anything with prints
not one must be chosen..all must be worn..Me: we have some yoda shiznet going ova here You: fine i like hippy style

hello! how are you liking the quiz so far???

it..depends are you liking it?? Me:...
i like it very much..except next time use capitals Me: sorry i am lazy
HELL naw
sure fin yes no maybe eh IDK
loved it like pizza :3

what animal do you hope you get?


favourite colour?

any colour within the browns, blacks and, greys
anything neon
ALL the colours! :D
everything that represents energy
anything light coloured