Which Soda are you?

Which Soda are you?

The title says it all, which soda are you, whether it be pepsi, coca~cola, anything!

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Which house would you want to live in?

A classic house, like the old times
Modern house
Futuristic home

Do you like nicknames

Yes I do. A lot of people use my nickname.
I do, but not a lot of people say my nickname anymore.
No, and I don't have one.

What do you do in your free time?

Mix it up!
Sit back, relax, and look outside.
Attend a football game and try my best.

What place would you take in a group activity?

I would've liked leader if the guy didn't already take leader.
The supporter

Do you hold grudges?

No, I do not. May I ask you why you must ask that question?

If you were to go in time, where would you go?

The past
I would stay here.

Do you like changing things up?

No, I'll stick with original.
I'm gonna not answer that.

Final question, what is your favorite soda?

Coco~Cola all the way.