What job would YOU be in the toads' cd community?

What job would YOU be in the toads' cd community?

Some jobs are more well paid than others, but generally the lower paid jobs are more fun and stress free. Every toy has a job otherwise they are handed white feathers on the street for not contributing.

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Your friend advises you try out for a sports team? What do you do?

I was already planning on it.
It will be fun to do something completely new!
I'm not the sporty type.

You are entered to a talent show in secret. You find out that you only have one day until the big show and there's no cancelling!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I don't want to make a fool of myself in public!
I'll Find a way around this. I'll think of a way to pull myself off.
I'm going to get out there and try my absolute hardest. Talent shows are my thing.

You're invited to a school trip to a farm. You'll be helping out with all the dirty work!

Eugggh! God knows what THAT would entail!
Yes! I love animals and helping farmers out will be so much fun.
I'll enjoy the therapy of looking after the animals.

You are invited to be a headteacher of our school. Consider what this will entail and your other options before replying.

Good Money for once!
I love having bags of responsibility on my shoulders.
That just seems so daunting!

You're starting a project on designing interiors to your style. How seriously do you take it? Be honest no one is gonna hurt you!

I better get this over and done with.
I will try my hardest and I will have pride in this project but I wish it was something else.

Out of these options, how would you like your child to turn out.

Mature and Responsible
Sporty, active and fit.
Creative and true to who they are.
Strong and mighty.
Outgoing and charismatic.

Your kid has invited 8 children to sleep over and you've realised 2 hours beforehand. What do you do.

I'll be working till 10pm anyway. I'll send them to bed then.
It's ok. I'm a firm, strong person. They'll do as I say.
Does ........... Seriously want his/ her friends to hear me sing in the shower, and pretty much everywhere else?!

Ghost Stories?

What Rubbish!
They're good at letting your imagination loose!
It's a story! Who doesn't love them?
The terrible ones are the best; they're so funny!

Your adult cousin has got the world record for the biggest Barney memorabilia collection! What do you think?

There's nothing wrong with adults liking Barney!❤️
What even is Barney?

Chelsea? What is it.

A successful football team
A pathetic football team
A ridiculously posh borough of London.
A respectable London Borough.
No Clue

What was your favourite high school subject.

One of the performing arts. Dance, Drama or Music.
Politic studies.
School Sucks!