Are you emo or hippie?

Are you emo or hippie?

ok, so, for years, many, many peple have had trouble settling the score between EMOs and HIPPIEs. Hopefully, this quiz will be able to (finally) determine who is who. This quiz does not define your actions in any way; it's just for fun.

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Are you a happy person?
(Honest-to-goodness. Don't choose no just 'cause you're in a bad mood NOW.)

Most of the time, I guess.
Define 'happy.'

What type of clothes do you like?

Mostly dark tones, black mostly. I like band tees and ripped jeans.
Loose all the way, babe. I love ripped jeans with loose camis and bright colors.
I don't really care as long as it isn't pink or poofy.
Whichever, whatever. I have been known to steal my mother's old jeans.


I like to read and write.
Watch T.V and ignore my parents.
I like to sing and dance in my room. Sometimes I paint.
Rock out to my favorite tunes and headbang until my neck hurts.

What's the worst thing you've ever done?
(if you haven't done any of these, pick: which is the worst you would you?)

Steal something.
I cannot say. Literally, I could be arrested.
Return a book late to the library.
Say I love Taylor Swift.

What do you hate most in the entire world?

Hatred, so I cannot really answer this question.

What would be your own definition of Emo?

Emos are just really sad, really depressed people. All you need is love. Love and happiness, man.
Emos: We're people with good music and fashion taste. We love the color black. We're moody (no denying it) and vague.

What would be your definition of HIPPIE?

We just want love, man. If everyone loved each other, this world would be perfect.
Peace out.
I think hippies are just exuberantly happy people.

Finally, most important question: Favorite bands?

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Doors, Pink Floyd, etc.
Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, etc.