What level of insanity are you?

What level of insanity are you?

I've always wondered if I was insane , are you? Have you ever killed a man or will you ever?

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Have you ever gotten blood on yourself but not from yourself?

I was helping put a band aid on my friends cut
I would never hurt a fly
I did, mom called the mental hospital

Why did the chicken cross the road

He didnt
To die!
To get to the other side

Have you ever had suicidal thoughts

Yes, people think I'm creepy but tbh I'm not!
No, my life is far too valuable
Only because of bullying
I have but I never will again

Explain your personality in 3 words


Do people fear you?

Yes very much
No I'm just really friendly
Only bugs should fear me because I'll stomp on them!
I have no idea