Animal Jam Happy Vines Houses

Animal Jam Happy Vines Houses

I will be sorting my fans, friends and myself into Happy Vines Houses! There will be four houses, ShiverFur, GoldenClaw, SapphireWolf and KittenRoar

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How would you describe yourself best out of these?

Adventurous but can always think of smart ways to get out of situations.
Quiet and lovable, but are sneaky and tough at times.
Loyal and can work with others.
Brave and tough, not afraid of almost everything.

Favourite Land In Jamaa out of these?

Favourite Land In Jamaa out of these?
Coral Canyons
Sarepia Forest
Mount Shiveer
Crystal Sands

Favourite Alpha?

Sir Gilbert

Favourite Den?

Crystal den
Sky kingdom
Ice den
Ol barn

Favourite Item?

Gazelle Horns
Bow and Arrow
Top Hat

Favourite animal out of these?

Polar Bear
Wolf / Arctic wolf
Eagle/ Falcon
Snow Leopard