Your Slave life (Girl only)

Your Slave life (Girl only)

you pick the option you'd do and then get the story result. I'll do more like your dog life and stuff later. I'll also do paranormal ones like vampire. I will do a boy one later.

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You start off in a crate. One of the guards have fallen asleep. What is you course of action.

You decide getting caught escaping isn't worth it
You decide you should stay put because you don't know what's out there
You take your chances and kick the door open and run for it
You bust out, kill the guard and run for it
You bust out and call for help
You bust out and look for help

(If you busted out you get caught. If you go for help someone knocks you out and drags you back to the crate) the next day your dragged onto a sale platform. Which one would you go for? (This may not be the guy you end up with depending on other choices)

You put up a fight and creep of a guy hits you over and over till you cry then pays a small amount for you. Then a rich hot guy bids higher. You once again and are dragged away by his guards.
You put up one hell of a fight. You head but the merchant selling you and the other slaves before a hunts man throws you over his shoulder and drags you away kicking and screaming with a small boy he also paid for.
You try not to cry but the tear silently trickle down your cheek. A kind noble man hands over the money and wraps a blanket around you.
You grab the merchants knife and starts killing people before escaping and running off into the forest. Whilst jumping about happily about your escape you run into a net trap and is later found by the trapper himself.
You try and put up a fight, then kill the merchant and get whipped and beaten. When they think your dead and boy about your age takes you away.
You put up a fight, kill everyone in the market and escape. Then is later found by a rebellion leader.

When whoever the person who's taking care of you asks you to do something what would you do?

Spit at his foot
Do it so not to cause trouble
He might not be bad so you do it
You growl but after a bit you do it
You do it
your scared so you do it

You get to know him better

He seems a worthy partner in crime
He seems kind, caring but harsh. Also cute when your not looking.
He's sweet and kind. He cares about your feelings.
He teases you and pushes you around. He trusts you and cares about you.
he's wild and harsh. He's very stubborn but adorable.
He's kind and young. He understands you and shares your emotional views.

What's your favourite hair colour out of these?

Ginger blond
dark brown