Would you survive a day at this private school I go to ?

Hey guys! It's me again! Kendall! And I go to a private school and I'll never ever tell you were it is or any information! So beat it! Anyways,the private school I go to has a bunch of mean students and it's crazy there! And I want to know if you can survive a day! Just one day! Can you? I wonder how much you can take!

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Girls at the private school need to wear skirts!!!! Uhh!!!!

I know....right???? I'm not wearing a freakin'
skirt!!!! It's ugly!!!!
I guess they aren't that bad
Yay!!!! They are gourgous!!!! I love them!!!!

There's a extremely mean boy at my class who teases tries to punch people and does other bullying and if he started bieng rude....oh no!

I'll be rude back and see how he likes it (then he tattle tales)
Ignore him cause' he's a freak and he's drunk

Practicing for a stupid Christmas play and you're too tired to practice at the chapel Teacher: stand up!!!!

Me: no!!!! ( and then you get forced to stand up)
You say: fine (and pretend you're participating)
Say that you need to go to the bathroom ( and they let you go so you can avoid complete boredom)

There's a bunch of boys calling everybody" Aunt Bettie" and it means you're fat stupid and mean!!!! Uggh!!!!

Beat the **** out of them!!!! Then you get in trouble!!!!
Ignore them
Tell them to stop and leave immediately

Oseas:My twin brother Hosey is calling me ugly!!!! Hosey: Well he embarrassed me!!!!

Me: stop you two!!!! (Now leave and that's what you do)
Let them both deal with there problem
Tell them to stop and they keep fighting and you yell at them ( Full scale rilot!!!!)

Are you good with mean students ?

No!!!! Of course not!!!!
It depends how mean they are
I can handle it