What kind of girl are you? (9)

What kind of girl are you? (9)

HERLO! welcome back to Blues quizzes! (if you saw my other ones OwO) anyways wanna know what kind of girl you are? and also, dont worry guys. ill make you one after this. SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME!! please have fun, enjoy, and dont take it seriously if its not what you wanted :3. btw all pics are NOT me! enjoy!

published on November 19, 202048 responses 17
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uh.. hey freak
herlo friend!
whats up?
um hey. how are you?

Lets say you had a crush on somebody. how would you ask them out?

I'd have them ask ME out.
id write them secret admirer poems until i finally decide to ask them out..
hey man, i was thinking maybe we could go to the movies sometime? it would be pretty cool
h-hey, want to go to the movies? you dont have to say yes, but itd be amazing if you could
*completely chickens out* its too hard! (hey its ok, ill help you)
hey i know a good movie youd like. want to go?

Lets do a bit of roleplaying. your a new student at a school. you see small groups of people throughout the halls. you have a choice of going to one of them, which one will you choose?

-the group of people wearing makeup and trendy clothes. most of them are good looking. they seem to be talking about something interesting-
-a small group of friends who look like their laughing about something. they are all wearing their own style of clothes-
what? nah i dont need a group. I got me myself and I. but those people over there look cool -looking at a group of guys and a few girls just hanging out being awesome-
i-i d-dont k-know... (its alright you have me) t-thanks..
oh those people look nice. oh no.. one of them is crying. ill go help them out!
-a group of friends wave you over, happy-

Whats the square root of 361? (no calculator plz)

what is this, your homework?
UHHHH... nope
i dont know..
Screw this im using a calculator (dangit)


LOADS! (9+)
TONS! (6-8)
Lots (5-6)
a few (3-4)
very little (1-2)
like none (0-1)

You see a random person you dont know crying. what do you do?

Go over and help them. I try to figure out whats wrong
Try to cheer them up
Comfort them as much as i can, but its awkward
stare awkwardly and try to figure out what to do
uh who is that? (yo momma. sorry i couldnt help myself..!)
watch wondering what to do, then go over and help them shyly

This IS NOT accurate people! its a personality test i made up based on stereotypes and my own knowledge. so dont be upset if you get what you dont want. BTW what did you think? :3

uh.. i liked it!
loved it
It was cute, but not my cup of tea
I hate your guts you attention seeking little fu-- *BLEEP* (uh.. heh heh. i have limits man)
It was fine. I really liked the math question. you should make a quiz on only math to see how smart ppl are (uh yeah thats a good idea. like it click this, or comment)