Which Creepypasta is in love with you?

You were invited to a party. But it doesn't make sense. You are invited to a party, it says written in what looks like blood... You decide to have courage and go. Next is your destiny!

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Ok I have the guys and let's roll!! Jeff's question!
Jeff:Weapon of choice?

Poison candy floss
Me: .-. Uhhh
my bare fists

Laughing jack's turn!!
Laughing jack: what kind of candy do you like?
Me: that's new XD

Kidney beans
Me: I don't think that's a candy :/
Jelly looks like BLOOD
Cotton candy!!
Gummy worms!

Ej your turn!!
Ej: fave food?

Junk food (especially candy)
Cream cheese
Me: where's Masky?

Ok last question kind of Slender man's turn!
Slender: what's ur fave color?
Everybody: *facepalm* You suck slendy

Other or rainbow
Green as the grass!!
Blue <3

Do you like me?

Lemme see my results!!
I hate you (me:RUDE)