What kind of fighter would you be in Super Smash Bros.?

In this quiz, you will find out what kind of fighter you are in Super Smash Bros., a game where Nintendo characters, and some 3rd party stars, come together in one fighting game. What kind of fighter are you? Are you even worthy of being a fighter at all? Take the quiz and find out... Enjoy!

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What is your fighting style?

Magic spells, powers, and potions
Gadgets and guns
My fists and feet
Swords and other melee weapons
None, I do NOT fight. What kind of question is this?!

Which Super Smash Bros. characters are you most like?

Zelda, Palutena, Rosalina
Mega Man, Samus/Zero Suit Samus, R.O.B
Little Mac, DK, Wii Fit Trainer
Link, Lucina, Marth
Huh? Who ARE these people??!! Just show me the results!!!

If a burglar came into your house, what would you do?

Divide a complex plan and take the burglar by surprise. The burglar will not know what
is coming.
Shoot 'em down! That burglar must DIE
Whack the burglar with a long, painful object like a golf club.
Scream my head of and call 911 or just give him/her my money.

What do you want to get?

Magic user for sure!
Gunman all the way!
Brawler for the win!
Sword fighters rule!
I don't wanna fight!

Favorite T.V. show? Last question, I promise!

Gravity Falls!
Doctor Who!
Phineas and Ferb!
Fairly Odd Parents!

What kind of sidekick would you like?

A unicorn, wizard/witch, or dragon
A robot
A really tough guy
A person with really good swordsmanship
My friends maybe???

What kind of lair is your style?

A place to create potions, spells and powers
A high tech lab where I can create my latest weapons.
Somewhere to practice my punches and kicks.
A place to practice my swordsmanship
My own home

What do you like to do in your free time?

Draw pictures, write stories, or draw comics
Browse the Internet, play video games, or watch YouTube
Go outside and play a sport or climb a tree
Go out with friends and do something new. Maybe have a sword fight?
Just watch T.V.

What is your favorite subject in school?

Art or English
Science or Computers
Foreign Langusge, like Spanish or French

Do you think you have what it takes to fight?

Yes! Totally yes!
Heck yeah
Come at me bruh! I'm ready to fight
Why yes I am!
Ummm, maybe...

What do you think you will get?

Magic user, I guess
Probably Gunman
I think I will get Brawler
Most likely a sword fighter.
I will definitely get to not be a fighter :(

What is your favorite genre of movies?

Romance or Fantasy
Comedy or Sci-Fi
Action and Suspense
Mystery and Horror
What the heck does this have to do with fighting?!