what will your first child be like?

cute? weird? silly? mean? what will it be? shy? show off? loveley? rich? lets wait and see!

published on November 09, 201439 responses 15 3.8★ / 5

what would your baby wear?

anything to make it pretty and spoiled! i love my baby!
it doesent like wearing clothes it runs around in its pajamas
short dress and pig tails! aww
rainbow nyan cat tshirt and taco shoes

how many toys?

1000,000,000 toys anything for my spoiled artical!
anything soft to sleep on
a little rocking horse to ride on that the love so much
a nyan cat plush or 100

does it do chores?

no my baby hates doing chores!
it sleeps to much the lil thing :3
they clean up their room and then tug my dres and says "mommy, i doned my chores!"
they mess up their room and clean and mess i again and clean it and mess and clean and ect

what does it do with its friends?

pull their hair and push them ovre anything to make them cry
sleep zzz..
play hide and seek and laugh
run around like mad men

fave food?

chocolate cake!
warm milk :3

this is the end of the quiz :P

(your baby: turns and walks off)
(your baby: Zzz Zzz)
(your baby: bye bye *walks off and trips and falls into pillows* hehe!)
(your baby: nom.. do you want a taco miss?)