When Will You Get Your First Period? (7)

Find out when you'll get your first period and when it's time to become a women!

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Have you been getting discharge in your underwear? (Yellow- whitish stuff)

6+ months and a lot I have to wear panty liners.
A couple months it's manageable though.
A few weeks just a bit though
A couple days only a tiny little bit.
I haven't gotten it yet.
Eww! What's that?

Have you gotten any spotting? (Tiny dots of blood mixed in with your discharge, usually brown)

Yeah, I've had it for like 2+ months
Yeah, but only a a few weeks.
Yeah, but I just got it like yesterday/a couple days ago/ today.
No, not yet.
Once again, eww! What's that?

What's the shape of your breasts?

Just growing beyond the nipple.
Full, round, and like my moms!
Almost like the one before this one.
There little stubs.
I'm flat!

What size bra do you wear?

Training bra
Don't wear one

Have you had a growth spurt?

Yeah, I'm still in one.
Yeah, less then 5 centimeters.
Yeah, 1-2 inches.
3-4 inches
5+ inches

How long have you been in puberty for?

Not in mine yet.
Only a couple months.
1-2 years
3-4 years
5+ years
Umm, a few days

Do you have hair down there?

No I'm clean!
Yeah, only light blonde whisps.
Getting darker
A few black hairs.
Some black hairs down there.
It's full, black, and curly.
It's like a forest down there!

Have you been having any of these symptoms lately.

Lower back pains
Mood swings
Wanting a boyfriend more
Armpit hair
Feeling like you have to throw-up without being sick
All of the above
1-3 of them
4-5 of them

Have you been having cravings for sweets?

Yeah. I love sweets
Sweets! Where?
Not really
Nope I love fruits and vegtables

Are you going to comment?

I guess
No way this quiz was awful!