Which Harry Potter House are you? (1)

Which Harry Potter House are you? (1)

Ever wonder which House you were in? This quiz will determine your House with the Sorting Hat's very own Helper, Owlz!

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Oh, this is fun! We're coming to an end, though, so answer these questions wisely. What do you think is something you do too much of (like, a flaw or bad habit, let's say)?

Going off onto dangerous adventures...
Bragging about my superior test grades and wit... oops! I did it again!
Being too jumpy and hyper sometimes... it gets on people's nerves, I've heard.
Some people say I'm rude and mean, but I don't believe it. They're just mudbloods.

Who is your favorite Harry Potter Professor, and why?

Dumbledore, because he is so kind, goofy, and gentle.
McGonagall, because she is strict yet smart as a whip.
Snape, because he is sly and a great wizard with power.
Lockhart, because he is very kind and acts over the top.

Oh dear! I'm afraid that this is the last question... but then you'll get your results! Which House are you hoping to get?

I don't care! Just give me my results so I can go!
Ooooh, I don't really know! I'm really excited though!

Good, good. If you could have a pet for free to go to school with, which would you choose? (Each answer has two animals, again)

Snake or Toad
Dog or Rat
Owl or Cat
Frog or possibly Lizard

Good, great answers. Now, news broke out that a student cast a curse at a Professor, and all fingers point at your Best Friend, and you're sure he's innocent. What do you do?

Threaten a fight to anyone who thinks it's him, and blame more and more people every time they ask.
Tell anyone you can it's not him, and make sure the word spreads.
Tell the Professors how everyone's acting, and provide evidence to show it's not him.
Tell your friends it's not him, and hope they tell more people.

Hello! I'm Owlz, the helper of the sorting hat. (Please pick one)

Oh, hello!
Er... hi.
Just start already.

Ok, shall we begin? Now, if you were asked to pick one character from Harry Potter to do homework with, who would it be and why?

Ron Weasley, because he is very funny and will keep me laughing the whole time.
Harry Potter, because he is so brave and kind.
Draco Malfoy, because he is very sly and cool.
Hermione Granger, because she is extremely smart, so we will be on the same skill and thinking level.

Let's continue. While working on a potion in Potions Class, you see a student adding ingredients to his potion that will make it explode. What do you do?

Tell them the right way to do it and ask the Professor for a new cauldron for the student.
Ignore them; it'll be funny to watch it explore all over them.
Keep working and hope it'll get points taken away from their House- they're not the nicest students.
Keep working, but check back often to see how they're doing.

Splendid! As much as I don't want to, what out of these are your favorite colors? (Each choice has three colors)

Red and Orange
Yellow and White
Blue and Purple
Green and Grey

Ok! You see a see a student out at night while you're helping Filch (yes, for extra credit). What do you do?

Sneak away and join whoever it is.
Stay silent.
Tell Filch, and wait where he was for him to come back.
Tell Filch, and run off to catch them.

Your birthday is coming up, and your parents promised a new wand (your old one broke: willow wood, dragon heartstring, 12'). What are you hoping your wand core will be?

Phoenix Feather, or whatever my friends recommend... I don't know!
Unicorn Hair!!!
Well, it really depends on what I read on each wand core. In a book it said...
Dragon Heartstring sounds really cool and dark, so I want that wand. But I want it to look cool too, so I can impress my gang.