What perfume fits your personality?

What perfume fits your personality?

Find the scent that matches your personality! *Entertainment Purposes Only*

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How do you take selfies

Clean and fresh, no filters
Holy crap! Green screen, High angles, Crazy filters, Then I use that makeup app to make me look perfect... :3
High angles and duck faces!
Filters and kawaii faces :D

Witch of the following are you?

Tumblr girl!
Girly girl!
Life of the party!

You have an opportunity to throw the best summer party ever? What's your plan?

Pool Party in LA, 2 Days and 2 nights, Fancy dishes, Five star pastry's, danishes, and cake squares, Poolside music. That's the perfect
summer party.
Slumber Party in Hawaii, 2 days, 2 nights, Pink Christmas lights, Fluffy and shiny pillows everywhere, Bowls of make your own trail
mix, Nail polish, and of course, my trusty JUST DANCE 4! That's a summer party :D
Dance Party on the top of a penthouse in Florida, Private Fireworks, 7:00 to 2:00, Five star DJ playing the latest hit music, 5 Celebrity
dancers, Everything sweet. Who wouldn't wanna go! :)
Cruise Party on a Private cruise, Destinations: Hawaii, Atlantis (the resort), Disney-world private island, LA, Florida, Japan, However
long it takes to go threw all of that, Five star chefs working 24 hours at a buffet, 5 star bedrooms, Private fireworks and sky writing,
Five star DJ, Maids, and of course, A super huge pool! Jeez, I guess i Love CRUISES!

What's your favorite social network site?

Tumblr, :3
Instagram! #Selfie!
Youtube, baby!
Buzz feed, I like to stay in teh know

What is your dream car!

I woke up in a new bogauti!
R8 V10 Baby!
Pff, Me driving? Hire some dude to drive me around in a limo!
I want a flying scooter... o-o

What's your favorite dance move?

Anything slow and sexy
Fast, fun, and happy dances!
Anything that friends can do in a group

What's your favorite purse dog?

Those little small poodles!
Yorkie Terrior baby! :D
One of those small american eskimos!

What's your favorite kind of headwear

Cat ear headbands =^-^=
Baseball caps, backwards xD
Cosplay tiny tiaras

What is your favorite nail art?

Anything kawaii ^-^
Galaxy prints, but it must have glitter!
Bokeh, glow in the dark, or my name on each nail xD
Sunset patterns with little palm trees :D

Wheres your favorite place to shop?

Forever 21
Urban Outfiters
Lulu In Chains