What perfume fits your personality?

What perfume fits your personality?

Find the scent that matches your personality! *Entertainment Purposes Only*

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Witch of the following are you?

Tumblr girl!
Girly girl!
Life of the party!

What is your favorite nail art?

Anything kawaii ^-^
Galaxy prints, but it must have glitter!
Bokeh, glow in the dark, or my name on each nail xD
Sunset patterns with little palm trees :D

Wheres your favorite place to shop?

Forever 21
Urban Outfiters
Lulu In Chains

What's your favorite purse dog?

Those little small poodles!
Yorkie Terrior baby! :D
One of those small american eskimos!

You have an opportunity to throw the best summer party ever? What's your plan?

Pool Party in LA, 2 Days and 2 nights, Fancy dishes, Five star pastry's, danishes, and cake squares, Poolside music. That's the perfect
summer party.
Slumber Party in Hawaii, 2 days, 2 nights, Pink Christmas lights, Fluffy and shiny pillows everywhere, Bowls of make your own trail
mix, Nail polish, and of course, my trusty JUST DANCE 4! That's a summer party :D
Dance Party on the top of a penthouse in Florida, Private Fireworks, 7:00 to 2:00, Five star DJ playing the latest hit music, 5 Celebrity
dancers, Everything sweet. Who wouldn't wanna go! :)
Cruise Party on a Private cruise, Destinations: Hawaii, Atlantis (the resort), Disney-world private island, LA, Florida, Japan, However
long it takes to go threw all of that, Five star chefs working 24 hours at a buffet, 5 star bedrooms, Private fireworks and sky writing,
Five star DJ, Maids, and of course, A super huge pool! Jeez, I guess i Love CRUISES!

How do you take selfies

Clean and fresh, no filters
Holy crap! Green screen, High angles, Crazy filters, Then I use that makeup app to make me look perfect... :3
High angles and duck faces!
Filters and kawaii faces :D

What's your favorite kind of headwear

Cat ear headbands =^-^=
Baseball caps, backwards xD
Cosplay tiny tiaras

What is your dream car!

I woke up in a new bogauti!
R8 V10 Baby!
Pff, Me driving? Hire some dude to drive me around in a limo!
I want a flying scooter... o-o

What's your favorite dance move?

Anything slow and sexy
Fast, fun, and happy dances!
Anything that friends can do in a group

What's your favorite social network site?

Tumblr, :3
Instagram! #Selfie!
Youtube, baby!
Buzz feed, I like to stay in teh know