Are you awsome? (1)

This quiz tells you if your a party animal ready to do just about anything from going naked to laying in bed with a total stranger or if your just going to sit down in your favorite chair reading a book

published on January 08, 201521 responses 10 5.0★ / 5

You are begged to come to a only teens and adults party. What would you do?

Say "meh go ahead, I need to read the last chapter of my book
I wouldn't need to be begged, if there's a party I'm so there
No! No! No! No more parties!

You've been partying all night but its five in the morning, what would you do?

I wouldn't be at a party
The night is still young
Oh no party?! I couldn't be at a party

You have a awsome job that makes you wake up at six in the morning but you stayed up late partying with friends and it's three in the morning.

Drive home as fast as I could and sleep until my alarm
Who cares? I'd stay up until Five thirty
I'd be at home, not at a party.

You go to a party only to find that your friend set you up and the entertainment is you naked onstage. What would you do?

Leave and never come to party's again
Who cares a party is a party
Never talk to that friend and leave

You think you are going to a library only to find yourself at a disco, you would most likely?

Put on a jacket to cover my face and smuggle my favorite book
Run in and party all night
Say go ahead I'll be right there and then get the keys then drive home