Find your s soulmate here (For girls)

get your s soulmate here ! See who is your perfect soulmate for you with this quiz !

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What kind of guy do you like when dealing with stressful situations ?

Angry and Scold People .
Always cheerful and smile
Joke around and not serious
Don't talk at all and just leave the person to die .
Always waiting anxiously for customers or food
Indifferent to what's happening
Don't care anything because it doesn't concerns the person

Which type of guy you prefer ?

Always shitting and angry and flirty
Super friendly and helpful
Always swiping his hair to the side
Joking around and laughing at people
Super serious
Just talking to those he feels comfortable
Helping others in many ways

What will you do if you saw empty plates on the table ?

Don't care cause it's none of my business
Faster clear them
Aiya . Don't care la later then clear
Just walk past and clear them since I'm subian going to the kitchen
dont ever clear them cause it's not my job
Clear them with manners
What is plates , can eat one ?

What kind of personality ?

Flirty and likes to act
Super gentleman
Occasionally talks to others
Friendly to everyone
Keep disturbing people and making them laugh
Talk nonsense and the jokes are all nonsense
Talk to those who are close only

What colour you like ?