Are you a bad kisser?

are you a good or bad kisser? take this quiz- are you ready to find out!? 😉❤️

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Are you confident when it comes to kissing?

Not at all.
Very confident.
Kind of..

lets try afew "complete the sentence games!" 'Im a good kisser in reality...

but im not a confident person!
but i dont have experiance
because ive kissed lots.

'I think in all honesty...

im an amazing kisser!
i couldnt say because i dont have expierence
ive tried kissing - im just bad at it.

' When drinking from bottles i...

slightly pout!
dont move my lips
drink with my teeth around the edge of the bottle.

ok good, now kiss your hand... Did you just pout?

im not sure i did it really fast?!

right now, whats the texture of your lips?

slightly dry but not cracky.
moist, smooth.
extremley dry

so now id like you to kiss your hand again... was there a noise?

yeah there was a very quiet noise though
nope? was there meant to be?

if i told you a good kisser has moist lips, what would you say?

'it rings a bell, moist "kissable" lips'
'Im not too happy, my lips are dry and the complete opposiste!'
'Thats good, my lips are always hydrated!'

And now, for the last question. You (and only you) would like to think of yourself as-

a good kisser! XD
I guess im still learning :)
a bad kisser, got any lip balm i can borrow? :p