What silly things would happen if you trusted a hobo!

What silly things would happen if you trusted a hobo!

This is a random silly funny quiz and it is just random cause I got bored so I made this. hope you enjoy!

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Ok first question would you trust a hobo?

Well no.. but I guess I have to on this quiz!

Ok the world is under attack and the hobo.. well that's the only guy you can trust and omg he was useless weapons... ok which one you pick

derpy face
Paper sword

God dam it... you kind of saved the world but....now its time... the things he gives you isn't always free... and hes says now you must get me a gum drop from the mountain you say 'but I just saved the world for you!!' but oh well now you have to get a gumdrop which gumdrop do you pick?

One that had a x on it!

if you picked the x now the worlds in trouble again!! and now its with potato jeff...what do you do?

Derpy face!!

Ok now you killed him.. now for some questions what do you do when the army is out and you are confused

ask why there here
just stare .-.

Ok if you asked why or stared they are now shoting at freaky looking gumball monsters that say pink fluffy gay unicorns dancing on gay rainbows!! what do you use?

my mouth! yess
My hands

Ok now... its all up to the awnsers to do its job what did you say about this?

Its good..
Its horrible..

Ok bye!