How well do you think you know liv and maddie?

do you think our a liv and maddie genius? are you a person who likes to be challenged with hard questions? well, then take this quiz and find out.

published on March 14, 20175 responses 0

what are the names of livs parents?

Pete and Karen rooney
Pete and Karen Rooney

who was guest starring on the episode Fa-la-la-la-rooney?

Ella Anderson
ella anderson

who is Willow Cruz in love with?

Joey Rooney
joey rooney
liv's brother
maddie's brother

what is the name of liv's little cousin?


what did parker call the tunnels he built around the town?

Parker tunnels
Parker Tunnels
parker tunnels

what time was maddie born?

12:02 am

who broke up with liv in season 3 because they don't spend time together?

Holden Dippledorf