What wings of Fire tribe are you?

What wings of Fire tribe are you?

what wings of Fire tribe are you? Are u a Sea Wing a night Wing a mud Wing a Sky Wing an ice Wing a rain Wing or a sand Wing

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Last what’s ur favorite color

Blues and greens
Dark almost black colors
and silver
Amber and brown
Red and orange
Pale blue and white
Every color!
Pale yellows and sandy

What’s ur Element


What’s ur Hobby

Swimming and playing with
sand! Duh
Reading and Reading!
Getting messy and muddy!
My favorite
Traveling and sports! Do u
know me
Ice scatting or playing in
snow! Who doesn’t like that
Climbing trees and sleeping!
I can go for a nap
Playing music and doing art!
I’m artsy ok

If someone Were to bully u what would u do

Roast them and make them
feel stupid
Ignore them and keep
Let them bully u as long as
ur friends are family are
Get angry and SHOUT back
And then get physical
Lift ur head up high and act
like ur too good for them
start crying and wait for
someone to defend u
Firmly tell them to stop and
tell an adult if they don’t

What’s ur personality

Quiet and shy at first but
once u get me going it’s
Shy and smart
Kind and loyal
Grumpy and angry
Arrogant and chilly
Lazy and chill
Out going and social

If u were a dragon what power would u have

Breathing under water and a
strong tail
Mind reading and foresight
Strength and can hold ur
breath for a long time
Super fast flyer and hot Fire
Frost breath and surviving in
subzero temperatures
Venom and camouflage
Poisonous tail barb and can
survive months with out
food or water

Where Would u live

Somewhere Buy a beach like
Somewhere dark like Alaska
Somewhere swampy like
Somewhere in the
mountains like Colorado
Somewhere very cold like
Somewhere by a tropical
rainforest like Brazil
Somewhere hot and open in
a Desert like Arizona