What Princess are you? (3)

What Princess are you? (3)

Anyone out there feel like they were born a princess? Take this quiz to find out!

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Can you sing?

YES! I love singing and am amazingly good at it.
I like to sing & am told I have a lovely voice.
I've been told I'm alright at it.
Sort of. I don't sing much though. And not to any one else.

Do you like animals?

I LOVE them!
Yes. I have & love/I want a pet.
Not really.

Compared to others in the beauty department are you:
(Be honest!)

Hot. Like, boys stare longingly, girls stare jealously, smoking hot.
Beautiful in an innocent, long curling eyelashes, rosy cheeks, fawn eyes, perfect smile
kind of way.
People always say that I'm really pretty.
I'm nothing special.
I don't pay attention to that stuff. It's not important to me & I don't care what others
think of me.

Wha is your hair colour?

I die it.

Your attitude towards rules:

Rules were made to be broken. Call me a rebel.
I'll usually follow the rules, but I'm okay with bending them a little...
I follow all the rules.

Do you long to travel?

YES! I want to visit every country in the world.
Yeah, but I don't mind where. I just want to get away from here.
Not really. Maybe someday.

Do you like the beach?

I LOVE it!!!
Yeah, it's nice.
Not really.

Thoughts on true love?

I believe that everyone has a true love out there, and hope that one day I find mine and
we live happily ever after!
I think that you can find someone who is perfect for you, but that people have more than
just one 'true love'. There are many people who would be perfect for you.
It's a lovely idea... But I don't think that it really exists.
Women don't need men to be 'complete'. We are a perfectly capable, strong gender all by
our selves.

Have you been through a time/are going through a time when someone or a group of people have been cruel to you & made you feel awful? (Eg: bullying)


Are you kind to:

Only my friends

How many close friends do you have?

8 or more
3 or less

Someone you care about is on the ground dying. You can a) save them completely, b) save them, but they are crippled for the rest of there life, or c) save them completely but they have only 3 years left to live. The letters correspond with what you must do to save them in the specified manner. Do you:

a) Never speak again, see anyone you care about, or eat or drink anything other than rice
& water.
b) Never speak again.
c) Eat only rice & drink only water for three weeks
Nothing, let them die.

Are you VERY imaginative?


Which of the following is your favourite to do / you would most like to try?