Does Sonata Like you?

Sonata, the gamer chicken that everyone's been talking about. Because he's the only one. Does he like you?

published on July 23, 20156 responses 3 5.0★ / 5

OK, what are your favorite colors?

Blues, greens, yellows.
Um... pastels...
The colors of you and I, Sonata! (Him: you said no fangirls!)
Red, the color of our dislike for each other!
Sonata:I see where this is going!

Sonata: Can I ask one?
Me:You get the next two!

Do you like hoodies?

Ew, no!
I prefer tutus and pretty yet simple stuff...
Yes, and I really like yours!

Sonata: Favorite sound effect from LoZ?

I like the sounds of Cuccos, they remind me of you!
I don't know what that is...
I love the sounds Link Makes when he's cold. (The sneezing
and shivering)
Screaming. It reminds me that I am evil, watching him run
off cliffs.

Sonata: Best game?

LoZ all the way!
Mario Kart.
I prefer T.V
Call Of Duty.

Me: Best Youtubers?

Jack... I think... (Him: Aria would love you, can that be a
Rhett and Link, they are funny. Or maybe Pewds, no Cry, his
sneezes are Kawaii! (Again with the sneezes!)

Preferred weapon?

Ooh! A knife or blade! They're long and thin!
Sonata: You know what else is long*smirk*
Me: Here we go...
A sword or maybe just tech. That's cool!
My mind...
Your face!

Favorite art style?

Anything cell shaded.
Pastel stuff.

Have you met my cousin, PuppyLuver649?

Yes, she's cool!
Um... No. Eep!

Sonata: Do you think I short?

Yeah, but it's ok, it makes you cute...
Um... no your tall...
Yeah, what a shorty!!!

Sonata: Ok,favorite of us ameauracanas?

You, of course!
Um, Cana she's nice...
All of them.
Eclipse. She calls you a short noob!