Would you survive? (2)

Try to survive! It's all I can say! But I have to keep blabbering because of the stupid description! *Stabs screen* scared now?!

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You find a large, creepy-looking forest. What do you do?

Yeah, boi!!!!!!
Um... a little nervous about this...
Hell naw!

You hear gleefull laughter. You walk towards it. You see me laughing with a knife in my hand standing over one of your close friends. What do you do?

You about to die, murderer!
*runs in the other direction*

I notice you. I run towards you. I smile. What do you do?

*picks up a stick from the ground.*
*gasps and gets into a roundhouse kick position*
*keeps running*

I keep getting closer to you.

Start swinging with the stick!
Do a roundhouse kick Chuck Norris style!
Run faster!!

You fall on the ground from swinging too hard/losing balance/tripping on feet. I stand over you and raise the knife.

Grab the knife and accidentally cut my hand
Do epic stunts and kick the woman!
Scream and hope someone finds me!

I bring the knife down.

You ain't gonna kill me!!!
I roll over and avoid the knife!
Scream louder!

Luckily, at the last second, another friend from school, which is an eighth grader, jumps in and kicks the knife out of my hand.

I didn't need your help, Joe!
Thanks, but you coulda done better, Joe.
Thank you!!!!!! So!!!! Much!!!!

"your welcome, I guess..." says Joe. "Now let's get out of here before she gets up!"

Uh-uh! Not until she dead!
Good idea!
Dont have to tell me twice! *Runs*

You make it safely home, and you thank Joe. After about three weeks, you hear a strange clunking noise at your bedroom door.

*opens door and smacks the air*
*hides under quilt*
*Screams for your big sibling*

After your big sibling hears you doing whatever strange things you do, he/she rushes to your room.

I don't need help! *Swats again*
Why you come?
*starts to cry*

The next night, you hear the same clunking noise. You decide to take more drastic measures. You fling open the door to tell your younger brother to stop playing pranks on you. But, you see me in ghost form knocking on all of the doors in the hallway.

AHHHH! *Jumps on top of me*
*stays quiet and closes door slowly*

I notice you and take out a. Ghostly knife. I float towards you. Even though you don't know why, you black out.

Oh come on! I'm tougher than this!
Thank goodness! That means I don't have to see her scary face!

You wake up and are in a scary-looking old mansion that is known to be haunted. You start freaking out.

*calms down and thinks of plan*
*takes deep breath*
*shuts up because she might be in here*

You see me peek around a corner. You realize that you're tied to a table. What do you do?

Shoot mean looks at you!
Struggle but know I'm hopeless
scream and yell and cry

I take out a knife and walk towards you slowly. You try to think of a plan, but you can't concentrate when there's a psychopath on the way to kill you! What do you do?

Shoot meaner looks!
Struggle harder!

I reach you and slowly cut a small cut in your wrist. You...

Try to kick you!
Try to hold in your scream.
Scream in pain!

I laugh and lift the knife over your chest. You gain a massive amount of strength and break free! You...

Kick you and run!
Scream and run!

You make it out of the mansion!

Nice! But I really wanted to kick her butt!
Cry with joy!