MLP What Wonderbolt Are You

MLP What Wonderbolt Are You

What Wonderbolt are you out of all 3? Spitfire Sorin or Fleetfoot? Take The Test!

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Are you a leader of most of your friends?

Not really.

When did you learn to fly?

5, you gotta be skilled to be in the Wonderbolts
7, and I was a natural.
8, like most pegasi, and I went to Fire Fly's flying camp and saw Rainbow Dash there.

Did you ever see the previous Wonderbolts fly?

Yeah, and when I did we kept on going every show.
Once, and I thought they were cool and now I'm one!
Once in a while I went to one of their shows.

What is your favorite color on the wonderbolts uniform?

Electric yellow and white.
Sky blue.
Electric yellow
Light blue

Who is your favorite wonderbolt?


In the episode Wonderbolt Acadamy would you take Lightning Dust's Lead Pony Badge?

No, I'd just make her a Wing Pony.
I'd give her a talk.

Do you like sweets?

They are okay!
Pies! Yes, Pies!

Are you bored yet?

A little bit, I would personaly use this time for practise.

Who was the founder of the Wonderbolts?

Colonel Purple Dart
I don't know
Someone in the 4th Celestial era.

Who was the official Wondebolts choreographer?

Comander EasyGlider
Comander something.
WaveChill, oh wait, that is my best friend! Why do I keep thinking of him?

Name all of the Wonderbolts.

Spitfire, Soarin, Fleetfoot, Blaze, FireStreak, HighWinds, LightningStreak, MistyFly, SilverLining, Suprise, WaveChill, FastClip, TightShip, WhipLash, and RapidFire.
I know there is like 5-6.
There is 13.

Who is the Wonderbolts coordinator?

Uhhh . . . TightShip
TightShip, he makes everything happen on time.

Admiral FairyFlight is from the ___ squadrant?

Who is Admiral FairyFlight?
Don't remember
7th squadrant.