Could you be my bff? (3)

In this test you can test yourself and see if you can be my best friend forever! :-D If you get: Yes! of course you could be my bff! :-D I would gladly be happy if you want to comment a bit more about you! :-D

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What is your goal?

Become famous for money! :-D
Become famous for who you are! :-)
Being just a normal person ^^

Are you feminist?

Yes! Girls are very awesome!
No, but I do support girls
No! Girls are just stupid

Where do you want to be?

Just have a normal life! being at home mostly and also go to work, that´s pretty much all
Just being at home doing almost nothing
Go outside and have some fun with friends!
Travel around the world and discover things!

How strict do you want the life to be?

No strict at all! Just disobey and do whatever you want!
Very strict! You have to obey whatever you´re told to do!
Quite strict! You have to obey a little, but you have to follow dreams and do whatever you love doesn´t matter what they say!

How do you want a good friend to be?

Nice and helpful, being there for you and sharing interests!
Funny and crazy! everything can happen!
Mighty and powerful! we can rule the world togheter!
Creative and talented! We can travel around and entertain other peoples!

What is your interests?

Playing music!
Discover the world
Everything above!
Rule the world
Just being normal
I don´t know
something else

Do you judge people for their look?

No, They are all awesome doesn´t matter how you are and how you look!
Depends! Are they ugly I hate them, are they pretty I like them
Yes! Of course! peoples can´t be too ugly, they can´t be too fat or anything like that!

Would you allow two of the same sex getting married?

No! Why would I? That´s just discusting!
Maybe, depends on which sex you talk about!
Yes! Of course! You should be allowed being married doesn´t matter who you are!
Yes! But some sorts of persons aren´t allowed!

If you discover that someone is transgender your reaction would be?

Yay! Go for it! Be whatever you want to be!
That´s good! But have you thought about it very carefully before you decide to swap sex?
WTF! Why? I just thought we where friends!
You are just sick!
I want to be transgender too/I may also be transgender!

This is the final question! Did you enjoyed the test?

Yes! Toally! :-D
It was ok :-)
What kind of test?
Yes! Please do more!!! :-D
No! I just hate it!