Harry Potter House Quiz (1)

in the Great hall, you're crowded with the rest of the 1st years as you wait to be sorted by the infamous sorting hat. You hear Proffesor McGonagall call out your name and you walk up to the stool and sit down. Proffesor McGonagall places the sorting hat on your head. "Very Interesting", It says in your ear. "But where shall I put you?"

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You're doing a test in potions and you see a friend slip an extra ingredient into the cauldron next to them. The person who owned that cauldron ends up failing the test. You...

Lecture my friend about it after the test, but I won't tell Proffesor Snape. He's too intimidating.
Tell Proffesor Snape. That cheating was unecessary and cruel, and I'm not going to let them get away with it!
Where do their loyalties lie? That was a Slytherin!
Congratulate my friend. It was a Slytherin that owned that cauldron!

Your dream vacation is...

Somewhere fun! I want to hang out with my friends.
Anywhere I can be lazy.
To a desert island and replenish it!
Going to some fancy muggle town and learning everything about it.

You love the color:

Yellow, or anything bright and cheery!
Blue is a humble color. It doesn't distract me from my work.
Red. It atracts attention!
Choosing favorite colors is for babies.

Hogwarts is on fire! You...

Grab as many first years as I can and get them to safety immedietly!
Push as many poeple out of the way as I need to. I must save myself!
Scream. And get me and my friends to safety.
Get all my friends to use Aguamenti at the same time as me so that we can put out the fire.

The Triwizard tournament is happening at Hogwarts! And you just turned old enough to compete! What do you do?

Consider how well I will do in all the tasks. Then enter my name depending on my answer.
Enter, and force my gang to do the same.
Obviously enter! Who wouldn't? I hope I get picked!
I don't think I want to enter. Champions have died before, anyway.

Proffesor McGonagall assigns you to do a transfiguration project with your mortal enemy. You...

Ignore them the whole time. Oh, and I'll probably slack and let them do all the work.
Try and work out a semi-permanet truce. We do want a good grade, right?
Do all the work. If they do it we'll flunk. I wouldn't be mortal enemies with them if they didn't fail all their classes, would I?
Just split the work and do it seperately. Then combine it and boom, we're done.

You're getting a tatoo! You want a...

Something very small. Tatoos are really bad for you.
A Hogwarts crest. That place means so much to me.
My face. I'm so perfect!
My house crest. Gotta have loyalty!

What house do you want to belong in?

Slytherin. Duh.
Um... I guess Hufflepuff would be good... Yeah, Hufflepuff.
I think I'd go for Ravenclaw.
Gryffindor! It's so obvious!

The Dark Lord or Azkaban. What do you choose?

Um, I'm already a Death Eater. The Dark Lord, you idiot! Avada Kedavera!
Well, if I choose Voldemort I'll be in Azkaban sooner or later, but if I choose Azkaban I won't have to get that horrible dark mark. *Shudder*. Azkaban.
Azkaban. It's just... no. I need to stay true to Dumbledore's army and all my Hogwarts friends.

There's a squib at Hogwarts and everyone is teasing them. The squib is learning magic bit by bit but slowly. You...

Laugh along with everyone, but help them in secret after class.
Tease them more. Squibs stink!
Why would I tease them? That's how I was when I started at Hogwarts! I become best friends with them.
Help them after class with all their classes. I hope to help them get at least an exeeds expectations in all of their OWLs.

My quiz was...

Alright. Good job!
Very good! Well done you!
Too biased about Slytherins. Avada Kedavera!
More spotlight on Gryffindor. Down With Slytherin!