How to tell if a boy likes you!

To tell if a boy likes you, take this quiz and remember to have a lot of fun.

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He leans in to kiss you. You:

Push him away. "I don't like you."
Kiss him back. "Can you just not tell anyone."
Peck him gently. "One kiss, though."

He asks you out. You:

Say no and apologize.
Say yes but not get too snugly.
Say no and walk away.

You're at the park and he out his arm around you. You:

Get up and pretend to play around.
Remove his arm.
Shrug and deal with it.

Your mom is in front of you and him and says, "isn't that your crush?" You:

Ew no, you say.
Laugh and say "that's funny."
Tell her that you're best friends.

How did you meet him?

At a puppy shelter.

He runs up to you and says hey I haven't seen so long. You:

Yeah I missed you!
Oh yeah me too.
I miss you so much!

You're on your phone or tablet and he texts you. You:

Don't text him back but secretly burst inside
Shrug and answer with a mean text.
Reply cool to whatever he says.

He asks you if you can help him with his homework. You:

Tell him he's dumb.
Reply sure
Of course I love Homework don't you?!?!