What Is Your Look? ( girls )

This quiz isn't talking about the style of clothes you wear, or how attractive you are. It's more about what people think of you when they see you. Like she's hot, or she's cute Etc. There is no best answer, peopke are attractive in different ways.

published on July 08, 201530 responses 1 4.4★ / 5

How do you wear make up

Light, or no make up. Nothing to flashy.
Nothing really trendy
Some good looking make up. Not a gob of
make up, but not light either.
Bold, or unique make up.
Trendy make up you've seen on celebs, or
in trends

What hairstyle is best? ( on this list )

Wearing your hair down straight, curly, or
A totally unique style you found online, or in
In a ponytail, pigtails, or braids
Any up-do

What is a typical outfit you would wear?

Something from a magazine, or something
you know is trendy
Something that flatters your figure
Something you find cute
Whatever you like

What type of top is your favorite

A graphic tee, ir sweater
A patterned tee, or tank top
A V-neck, or button up tee, or blouse
A layered top, or a popular styled top

Are you shy

To a certain extent
A little bit

Do you stand out?

A lot
Not very much

You want people to think of you as...

Hot (good looking)
A good person