TomBoy or GirlyGirl?

TomBoy or GirlyGirl?

Ever think your a tomboy, but people tell you the opposite? Or vice versa? Take this quiz to find out the true you!

published on July 18, 201529 responses 9 5.0★ / 5

What do you wear on a first date?

What do you wear on a first date?
A dress, duh! What else? And don't forget the strawberry Chapstick
Jeans and a flows shirt. Maybe curl or braid my hair. It depends.
Hoodie, jeans, and high tops.

If he asks if you like sports, what do you say?

Lie to him and tell him you love them! Your brother can definitely help you!
Tell him the truth. Say sometimes you love them, and other time they aren't your thing.
Tell him how much you love them! That's the truth, anyway!

Do you like sports?

It depends what kind of sport!
Yup! I love them all, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, you name em, I love it!

What kind of book is right up your alley?

A romance book
Lebron James' autobiography
A spy book

Fave color?

Pink, and sparkles!

What color describes you?

Red- courageous
Yellow- bright and happy!
Purple- boring. Plain boring.

What color is your room

Pink, and rainbow!
Green with stripes

What scheme is your room? (Theme)

Sports! With all my fave athletes
I keep it neutral. Nothing over the top
Royalty, duh!

Opinion on shopping?

love, Love, LOVE!!!!!
Only if it's for sports, and at modells, dicks, and stuff
What store?

Did you like this?

I would rather be on social media
I would rather be out on the field
It was okay!