What decade are you?

Ever wondered what decade you probably should have lived in? Find out which decade best represents you and your personality!

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Who would you rather be terrorized by?

Slave owners
The police
Soviet Union
The man

How do you feel about racial/ sexual equality?

Everyone is equal
The woman submits to the man
Everyone needs to work
Equality doesn't matter it me
The white race is above all else

What transportation do you prefer?

Highway Transportation

Do you like change?

No. America should be the same as it was in
I like to become liberated/ experience new
Yes, anything is better than my current
Sometimes, but the family dynamic should stay
the same
The government wants us to like change!!

Would you fight in a war?

Yes. I will fight for what I believe
No everything is perfect right now
I want stay neutral
I prefer to be with my family
No. The government wants war!

If you were in a room with a gun that had one bullet who would you shoot?

Abraham Lincoln
A banker
No one, everyone is beautiful
The leader of the Viet cong

Which technology would you prefer?


Which president do you like most?

Jefferson Davis
Warren Harding
Herbert Hoover
Dwight Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy

If you were at a party, what would you be doing?

Hanging with my bros
Making sure I'm only with people like me
Sitting alone in a corner
I don't go to parties, I'm a family man

How do you feel about women's right?

That's a joke
They're all right
We have too much to worry about right now
No! She should be a house wife
Pro choice!