WipEout - What kind of pilot are you?

WipEout - What kind of pilot are you?

This is a quiz about the anti-gravity racer "WipEout", and what kind of pilot you are.

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Straight after the race starts, another pilot rams you. What do you do?

Seek out revenge.
Ignore them. It was most likely an accident.
Ram them back, then you're even.

There's a pilot right in front of you, and you're approaching a speed pad and a weapon pad. Which one do you choose?

Speed pad. I can overtake them.
Weapon pad, need to get this bastard out of my way!
It depends on the situation; where we are on the track.

You're approaching a sharp corner. You have an autopilot ready for use, but there's also a weapon pad ahead of you. What do you do?

Use the autopilot. It can take me through the tricky corner, and I can have a short break from racing.
Absorb the autopilot. That weapon pad could give me something to shoot.
Absorb the autopilot. I can tackle that corner myself! I might even pick up a turbo from that weapon pad.

You're on critical (low) health. You have a turbo ready for use. You're approaching a bump on the track that would give you enough air to execute a barrel roll. You're also nearing the finish line. What do you do?

Use the turbo, but don't execute a barrel roll. My health is more important.
Absorb the turbo. I need more health to stay alive.
Use the turbo and execute the barrel roll. It's all about the thrill!

What do you believe is the most effective way to learn to fly?

From the professionals. They can demonstrate/teach to me the best racing lines and tactics.
From the manual. All I need is the controls then I can improve my ability myself.
No need to learn, I've got weapons on my side.

The pilot behind you is attempting to eliminate you by firing weapons constantly. What to you do?

Try to get away. I'll eventually find a turbo and I can fly my way to safety.
Slow down with rockets or a missile ready for use, wait for them to overtake, and fire!
I'll deploy a bomb or some mines when I acquire them.

What do you usually feel when you're flying on a good day?

Energized. My reflexes are at its best, I can tackle any track!
Trigger happy. The sound of rockets hitting the enemy sounds nice.
A good day is when I'm winning. I thrive on coming first.

What makes a good craft?

Armor (health)
Speed and maneuverability.
A bit of everything; an all rounder.