Which Warrior Cat are you? (of my OC's)

Which Warrior Cat are you? (of my OC's)

Ever wondered what warrior cat that you would be like? Well, now you will know which one of my warrior cat OC's you act like!

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Your leader orders you to hunt. What do you do?

Great! I'll round up a hunting patrol and head off to find them mice!
Ehh... Mebe' after I take a nap or two... Or three... And mind you, While I'm sleeping' you
better get me a fresh lot of food... Mine are stale as a load of cardboard!
What? I don't have a leader! Get out of my way! *kills* Well. Now that I have killed... I might as well hunt for a bit.. PSYCHE! *kills again*
I won't hunt. Instead I'll search for cobweb! I'm running out! But maybe you could catch me a mouse or two when I'm done. Thank you very much
Maybe... After I take all your lives, Brokenstar! *bats face with sheathed paws, making it tickle* Die! Yay now I'm leader :D

Oh no! Your camp is being attacked! What do you do?

Maybe just a sleep... Yeah. And get me LOADS more food!
I would protect the kits or go for the biggest ones!
Hah! I would join the attacking! Right after I kill some kittypets and loners.Then I'll join and ill kill some more :D
Me? Im the strongest one! I would jump on the largest and most ferocious warrior there... And... and claw its fur off, sending it squealing into the bracken!
Oh no! I'll get everything ready to heal and save cats!

Who is your favorite Warrior Cat out of these?

Cloudkit (Aka Cloudtail but this is his kit moons)
Henry (Kittypet at the start of Into The Wild)

You just saw a cat from another Clan steal your prey! What are you going to do?

Tell my leader right away, Of course!
Tell my leader, then organize my herbs in case we attack them!
Kill them, of course! :)
Wait wait wait... A cat? Stealing MY food? I'll freaking kill them! MY food and no one else's!
I'll obviously go into the Clan's territory, and claw them to shreds! Simple as it gets!

What is your favorite food?

Cat's meat!
Mouse! Don't want something big to make me sleepy! I've got a ton of herbs to organize!
Badger, bear and fox! I eat them every day, and i catch them on my own! You know that... Right?
Ooohh! Friskies! I love those dry pellets of rainbows!

A Twoleg captures you! What do you do?

Sleep and eat *snore*
Kill! The Twolegs... I mean. Or if there is anything else in their nest... :)
Use all my great big claws! I fling myself at the Twoleg. I swipe a massive paw at it's face. The Twoleg bleeds to death and I am free!
Rub and purr against it 'till it trusts me enough... It brings me outside and I run for my life!
Yes, me too would gain its trust. I would meow desperately at the door 'till it lets me out, and I run to my Clan and tell them the news.

Your leader died! What do you do?

I will grief for her. She was so amazing, the best leader I ever knew.
Who cares? Just let me sleep.
Yay I killed her! Celebrate!
Stay with her 'till the last second I CAN stay with her... She was so wise and great... I'll never meet a better cat.
Cry 'till I die... Hey, that rhymes! *Dance*

Twolegs destroy everything... what do you do?

Twolegs destroy everything... what do you do?
DUH! Go to the Tribe Of Rushing Water! They'll obviously welcome ME in..
Find a new place, I guess. I'll miss my home... We've lived there for generations.
Kill all the Twolegs and have the forest to myself!
Travel with thee who decide to go and help them on their journey.
Just go to my Twoleg Nest...