Could we be friends? (9)

Could we be friends? (9)

Hey, just interested in seeing who might measure up to my friends" category. Hopefully you enjoy it and hopefully we can be friends! And don't be offended by your result. I just like to be honest!:) But I'm a really nice person too :P

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HEY! Wassup?

So, first, What's your fav colour?

Neon colours
Any colour! Love them all!
Green, yellow, blue
Pink, purple

Which of these descriptions best suits you?

Sociable, fun-loving, clever, caring, popular
Quiet, thoughtful, dedicated, suspicious, book-lover
Loud, cocky, attention-seeker, quick-thinker, fun-loving
Adventurous, smart, friendly, deep-thinker, sport-lover
Mysterious, independent, curious, unsociable, vampire-lover

Do you like books or movies better?

Both as good!
Books suck!

Are you a moody person?

I suppose since people say that I am
No! I get annoyed with moody people!
Not really

Are you addicted to texting/ messaging?

Not really
NO! I hate people that are!
YES YES YES! And people hate it...
Yeah I am kinda

What do you like to have in a friend?

Someone that's really fun, loud and cool, popular, flirty
Enthusiam, someone that's helpful, nice, caring yet a quick thinker
Deep thinker, carefree, sport-lover yet loyal and always reliable
Someone that's quiet, thoughful, always by your side, book-lover
An honest person, fun and adventurous, creative, kind

Do you have enemies?

LOTS! yay!
Yes, a few
Not really
NO. I love everyone:)!

Do you love parties?

YES! Want more parties!
They're good every now and then
NO! Parties are crap
Not really

Are you a positive person?

Negative but I always try to be positive:)
Negative - but postive when I'm in the mood

Do you wanna be friends?

I don't really care!
YES! More friends the better!
Yes - that's why I took this quiz ;)
Yeah if you want me to be...sure