Which creepypasta mostly likes you?

Which creepypasta mostly likes you?

this is a quiz for people that what to know which creepypasta most like them (don't have good pics xD)

published on May 31, 201495 responses 12 4.7★ / 5


Hau!! go to sleep..
Hello child...
Hi! can I play video games now?
Hi cheese cake :S im gonna go eat cheese cake
Hai!!! hehehe

ok now masky!! get over here... Masky: fine... whats your favorite food?

Cheetos.. there a great snack for vide game Ben:awsome :D

Ok ben you up! Ben: Ok! umm do you like video games?

Um no..
Some times I play them but not a lot..
I don't have time for that! I have to kill people

Ok slender man and ticci toby come over here! Slender and ticci toby: ok!! Slender whats your favorite color? ticci and whats your favorite weapon!! Jeff: Dam it toby you took my question!!

Green,video game
White and black

Jeff get over here and hoodie come here!! ok.. hoodie and jeff: who would you kill?

I would kill jane the killer.... (Me: YOU NO MY FRIEND!! Jeff: awesome!
I would kill um bullys... Jeff: nice... Hoodie: um c-cool
I don't kill but I kill cheesecake with my mouth

Sorry for the short quiz but do you like it?

Yes.. it was nice
No..it was boing

MOOO!!! bye bai!!

Finally! its over...