Are you help full?

Are you help full?

Find out what you are. Are you smart or do you rock? Well find out write here

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What do you do after school

I tell my mum I'm going to a friend's house and run out of the door
I ask my mum if I should help her with some work
I go and make the beds and wash the dishes

Before your friend comes to your house you...

Jump up and down for joy
Get everything ready for her
Tidy the whole house and make sure that everything is ready for her when she arrives

When your sister /brother struggles with there homework you...

Ignore her because she/he lost your favourite toy
Tell her that if she keeps trying she will get a chance to get it right
Help her work the sum 2x5 out

You are...

Shy but try at everything
Mean but never heard of the word help
Joyfull and all ways find something to do

I have...

Normally stayed at home to find something to do
Went to party's not thinking about other people
Done helpful things but went to have fun after