Which Star Wars The Clone Wars Character r u?

Which Star Wars The Clone Wars Character r u?

Which character r u? Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi Wan, or Yoda? I hope u like my quiz! :)

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u r asked to do something u don't want to do... what do u do?

protest and say what u think u should do
agree, but do what u think u should do
suggest something else, but respect what the other person replies
agree, the person knows what they r doing

what do u prefer?

advising the unexperienced
rushing in "to save the day"
doing what u believe it the right thing to do

how do u react when u r assigned to "babysit" younglings?

groan, but agree, the younglings r so cute
agree, U were asked/ trusted to do this
agree, u would never pass up an opportunity to pass down ur knowlage
argue, u've got better things to be doing

someone steals from u, how do u react?

run after them and knock them down, they should know better than to mess with u
kindly ask them to give it back, if they don't then run over and take it back
let 'em have it, u can get another
run after them, take ur stuff back and ask them why they took it

how often do u break the rules?

I try not to
almost never
often, it just happens
constantly, people can't tell me what to do

if u find out u rn't allowed to do something u wanted to do, what do u do?

obey, they probally have a reason ur not allowed
so, u want to, so u'll do what u want
ask them why, maybe they'll trust u next time
if u feel u need/ really want to, u do

u have the chance to get abck at ur enemy, do u?

yes, u have a score to settle
no, it would only make them more mad
no, unless they caused too much trouble
yes, but u would feel bad about it

what would be ur choice weapon?

a small green lightsaber
a green lightsaber and a green shota saber
a blue lightsaber, I only use it when needed
a blue lightsaber, I use when I want

how would u describe ur self

quick, skilled, self reliant, impulsive, undefeatable
wise, well trained, slow to anger
skilled, well trained, self reliant, sometimes impulsive, quick
slow to anger, well trained, quick