Does your Crush like you back? (9)

Hello everyone! This is only for girls & Hope you get the result you like. And remember! be honest . pinkpika ^_

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First thing.... Do you love him

Yeah he's my buddy. And I love teasing him a lot!!hahaha!!
Umm Yes I mean maybe... I mean yes!!
Nope he is my enemy and I don't like to see his face

K...what's his favorite colour

His fav colour is _____
His fav colour is __ but mine is exactly opposite.
I think red.. Em.. Maybe blue sorry i'm not sure
I don't know anything about him. And I don't wanna know either

Okay imagine he invited you for a party what would you buy for him. I mean which gift would you buy for him?

I won't buy i will make it with my hand
Something very expensive and very costly
Something which is okay and cheap.
I won't waste my money for that loser!
I will give a thing which he feels scary. I wan't him to bbe scared so I could laugh loudly. Hahaha!
A lovely greeting made by me

Does he ever stare at you or flirt?

Nope. Never. and i don't stare at his stupid face either.
Em he doesn't but i do
Yeah once, and that's the cutest moment in my whole life
Flirt? Hahaha. He dare not!! flirt me? Srysly? Haha

K .. Did you both ever talk to each other?

I always talk to him and chat with him especially like to tease him .hehe
I am too scare dto talk to him. But
sometimes we do talk with eachother.
Yeah but I was very intrested in talking to him you know
Actually .. IDK? Srsly! I don't remember as I have many bf and many crush

What do you both usually talk about

I tease about his gf and he tease about my bf.
NOPE we don't talk.
I tried to talk but i'm too scared to talk with him..
Yup but about studies and stuff like that

Did he ever scold you for a small reason.

Yeah! and i scold him too
We have arguments frequently
Nope, he did not
Never he is very friendly with me
I am not intrested about him