What Type of Volunteer Are You?- Volunteer Personality Quiz

What Type of Volunteer Are You?- Volunteer Personality Quiz

Ever wonder how you could be helping out and making a difference in this world? What kind of volunteer activity would most suit you? Take this Volunteer Personality Quiz and find out volunteer work you would most ENJOY DOING.

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If you could meet any of these people, who would you meet?

Jane Goodall
Jacques Cousteau
Al Gore

2. What news story would break your heart?

A 500-year old tree that people want to cut down.
Reading a news story about 15 endangered frogs being confiscated at customs.
A woman abused and afraid, with no place to go.
Your childhood book being censored at your local library.

3. Where do you like to go on a Sunday afternoon?

The forest preserve
A museum
A farmer's market
The zoo

If you had a million dollars to give to charity, which one of these local organizations would you donate your money to?

Put Your Paws Up- an organization dedicated to placing homeless pets into a
forever home.
Second Chances Group- an organization dedicated to rehabilitating former
convicts and teaching them new skills that can help them excel in finding new
employment opportunities in todays market.
The Prarie Restoration Project- helping ifind and restore spaces where prarie fields
with indigenous plants can fluorish.
The Paintbrush Group- bringing the arts into the underfunded schools of your

If you had to be productive on your free day, you would rather:

Coach your neighborhood's local little league.
Help clean your local animal shelter, followed by receiving a million dog kisses and
kitty purrs.
Organizing a community fair to help support and highlight local artists.
Plant dillweed at your local park to help restore the decreasing monarch

If you had to pick one, which problem would you eliminate?

The contamination of our rivers.
Child illiteracy
The poaching and smuggling of endangered animals.

Would you rather spend six months helping. . . ?

Teaching children how to write in a small village in Kenya.
Taking care of turtles in Thailand.
Helping teach women a new business skill in India.
Surveying plant species in Amazon.

In your favorite dream you. . .

and Captain Planet cleaned up all Earth's pollution.
Have a Tiger best friend named Meowski.
Made world peace happen. Kumbaya.
Were just visited by your former students who are now all Nobel Peace Prize

9. In a previous life you were. . .

George of the Jungle
Leonardo Di Vinci
Charles Darwin
Alexander Flemming (Penicillin inventor)

10. Would you rather. . .

Clean up dog's poop.
Talk to people who aren't listening.
Create a spreadsheet for a budget.
Pull weeds all day.