Which Inside Out Character Are You Most Like?

Which Inside Out Character Are You Most Like?

Meet the little voices inside your head. Which character are you most like?

published on October 16, 201557 responses 9 4.5★ / 5

What is your favorite color?

I love them all!
Any calm colors!
Colors? Disgusting!
Fiery red! It matches my personality!

How would you describe yourself?

Happy, and energetic!
Sad. Just sad...
Careful, calm, and caring!
Honest and critical!
Angry, angry, ANGRY!

What do you most resemble?

I look like a star!
I look like a teardrop...
A nerve!
Broccoli? Disgusting!
A redbrick!

What makes you happy?

Not scary things, that's for sure!
Other people who are having an angry day!

What makes you sad?

Scary things!
Anything that's disgusting!
I'm mad, not sad!

How would you describe your best friend?

I have a lot!
I have no friends...
I have safe friends!
Friends? Gross!
I have no friends, and if I did, I would trash talk about them!

What would you do if you win?

I wouldn't brag, but I'd just be so proud, I'd have to showoff!
I can't, I only get participation ribbons...
I'd be happy, but nut overwhelmed!
I'd totally brag, and showoff!
I'd trash talk the losers. Of course I only play for myself, not cooperatively!

What would you do if you lost?

I'd compliment the other team, and maybe get some advice for my next game!
I'd cry... Wait, I never win, so what's the point?
I'd be scared! I hope bullies wouldn't bully me!
Totally get mad, but try not to cry, or at least not show it!
I'd blow those undeserving winners, out of the stadium, or wherever we are!!!

Are you responsible?

Of course! I might be a little happy sometimes though, and forget!
I might not listen to others, but at least I'm smart, and can understand how others feel...
Of myself: "Yes", of others: "So-so"!
I saved myself from being poisoned once, so yeah!
I KNOW what's right, but I DO what's wrong!

Did you like this?

Yes, it was very creative, like me!
Yes, but I'm to sad to realize how I really feel about this quiz...
YES! But I'm scared to see my results!
No, I could have done WAY better!
NO! It was a waste of my time! And I feel sorry for the person who made it!!!