Which Heroes of Olympus Demigod Are You?

Which Heroes of Olympus Demigod Are You?

Are you Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque, Leo Valdez, Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, or Nico di Angelo? Now you may find out!

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Which is your favorite out of these?

Dolphins! They're so fun and nice.
Do the undead count?
Dogs. They are loyal and do as I say.
I like all animals.
I'm not much of a pet person...
Robots. It's not likely that they will misbehave, and if they do, I can change their settings!
I love eagles, they're strong and majestic.
I enjoy the presence of people.

What are you like in school? (Or what were you like, should you happen to not go to school anymore.)

I'm always getting in trouble at school.
People leave me out of everything. I'm always alone.
I am the perfect kid: athletic, attractive, talented, and smart.
I'm always focused on my studies, and my classes intrigue me.
People make fun of me for things I can't help.
I'm the smaller kid who gets picked on a lot, and I don't really get the best grades because I don't care much
about school.
I try to stay focused on my classes. It's pretty normal for me.
School is school. What of it?
I'm kind of clumsy, and people pick on me for it. Oh, well. I don't mind.

How do you describe yourself?

The third wheel.
The outcast.
I'm a nice person.
Extremely intelligent.
It's none of your business.
I don't think of that much. I guess I'm just a person.
I'm a people person.

What is your favorite color/color group?

Cool sea greens and deep blues.
Golden colors like yellow and orange.
Reds and pinks.
Dark green and olive green.
Bright orange and red.
I don't care for colors very much.

Are you a leader or a follower?

I neither lead nor follow.
I am used to leading, but I am able to follow orders.
I'm more of a follower.
I'm fiercely independent, but I'm pretty comfortable with following.
I like to lead, but I'm fine with whatever.
Heck if I know.
Ha, leaders look to me for answers.
I can't handle the pressure of leading. I prefer following.

You just bought yourself a tasty snack. You walk over to a park to sit down and eat, when some thugs try to steal your food. Your reaction?

I wasn't very hungry in the first place, but I get back at the guys who wronged me.
I beat them up, right then and there. No one steals my Hershey's.
I convince them to give it back.
I watch them run away with it, and shrug it off.
I don't let them get away with it. Stealing is wrong.
It's okay. My dogs will bring the thugs back to me.
I am unable to fight back, but later I use something like a fart grenade to get back at them.
I decide that it's not worth fighting for a small snack. I let them go, but I remain pretty upset.

Do you hold grudges?

Yes. It's a habit.
Of course not. I get over things pretty quickly.
Not usually, but if someone did something horrible to my friends, they'd never gain my forgiveness.
Only when dealing with an evil, twisted person.
I try not to hold grudges.
Sure, but not for very long.
If you betray me, I will forever remember you as a traitor. Period.
As hard as it is sometimes, I can let go.
Not really. I'm a very forgiving person.

Do you enjoy the company of other people?

Yes! I love people.
Yeah, as long as they're cool with me.
I'm not one to cling to others, but a friend is a nice thing to have sometimes.
Not really. People are hard to understand, and can't be fixed when they're broken.
I like time to think to myself and study, but I like friends.
Yes. Being alone all day is boring.
As long as they're nice.
Yeah. I'm good at making friends.

You're trying to complete a group project for school. Your teammates aren't doing much to help. What do you do?

I'm already finished with a perfect grade.
I do as much as I can, but without their help I probably wouldn't get a good grade.
I get frustrated then try to get them to help.
I tell them that we'll fail if we don't work together.
I try to convince them that not working on this will negatively impact their grades, damaging possible
opportunities in their future.
I can do it by myself. I'm smart enough.
I force them to work with me.
I always work alone, so it doesn't make much of a difference.

Which is your preferred music genre?

I'm not a music person.
Any kind of music's fine.
The Golden Oldies.

What is your idea of a successful life?

Learning as much as I can every day.
Making others feel happy as much as I can.
Eh, not sure. Ask again when I'm on my deathbed.
Experiencing the wonders of the world.
Making sure my loved ones are save.
Spending my life with the one I love.
Living up to my fullest potential.
I don't know, now that I think of it...
I don't care.